Get Responsive is specialized in creating Responsive websites

Responsive Design

We strongly believe in responsive website layouts that automatically optimize for the device used by your clients: One Site fits all!

Responsive to your Clients

We open your website to interact with your clients, also by integrating with your social channels.

Responsive Content

Your business keeps changing, shouldn't your website also? We offer you the tools to easily adjust your website.

We offer three main services

Full website

Together with you we choose and implement Responsive design and functionality that best fits your business and goals.


We can migrate your current static website into a Responsive, Wordpress based site, giving you (back) control to adjust and expand your website.


We offer design and development support when you're working on your new (Responsive) website or have urgent issues with your current website.

Why choose us?

We know Wordpress

Wordpress is the world's most used Content Management System. With Wordpress It is very easy for you to update layout and content of your website.

Don't worry, we are not your typical techie

With our background in management consulting we have seen dozens of businesses, we know what drives you.

Hate waiting?

So do we, that's why we aim to answer your questions or requests within a day and urgent ones within the hour.

Professional and Affordable

Why waste your valuable time on creating a horrible first website that you will never update? We are ourselves a startup and love helping you with a professional looking website at an affordable price.

We give you back control

Many website developers build your website in a black box, forcing you to go back to them for every single adjustment. Our aim is to give you as much as possible control over your own website.
Get Responsive Now!

Recent Projects:

Thank you for designing and creating my website. I am really proud of it and absolutely satisfied by the way you assisted me during the build. I can truly say that your a responsive professional. I am looking forward to a longterm internet-consultant relation!
Saegaert MakelaardijBob Saegaert, Founder

We also provide related advice and support


We provide proven tools that help you improve your findability by search engines.


Although we can never guarantee 100% protection against hackers and virusses, we can advice you how to decrease these risks.

Web Shop

A full webshop front- and backend does not need to be complex and expensive. We are experienced WooCommerce integrators.

Analyse your visitors

We know how you can implement and utilize Google Analytics, which offers comprehensive tools to further optimize your website/ sales.

Our Story

Jeroen Heerschop, founder

Jeroen Heerschop
Founder Get Reponsive

In April 2012 Jeroen decided to leave the comfort of working in a large company and rekindle creativity by exploring new business ventures.

At Get Responsive we recognize this need at our clients and it inspires us every single day.
We believe in the marketing power of social media. So help us shape the rest of our Story and share or follow us.